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We own and maintain a large cache of emergency response equipment strategically placed in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  

This equipment ensures we are able to respond to any emergency in a timely manner.

Inter Pipeline is proud to abide by the Mutual Emergency Assistance Agreement as a member of the Canadian Energy Pipelines Association (CEPA). This agreement enhances emergency response effectiveness by assisting other members in the event of a significant emergency. If requested, we will respond to an incident of any other member with appropriate assistance. Assistance may be in the form of personnel, equipment, tools or specialized response advice, depending on the situation, as needed. We are also a member in good standing with Western Canadian Spill Services (WCSS).

Emergency response equipment, such as spill drums with absorbent material to assist in immediate cleanup of any local spills, is available at all facilities. Other emergency resources, such as river boats and response trailers, are located at strategic locations in each operational district and can be mobilized as required.

Oil Spill Containment and Recovery (OSCAR) Trailers

OSCAR trailers are located strategically in each of our operational districts. These trailers contain various tools and spill response equipment ranging from absorbent materials and skimmers, to booms and other cleanup tools specific to the area. 

Wildlife Trailers

Inter Pipeline has a comprehensive Wildlife Emergency Response Program employing a multi-faceted approach; from specialized equipment, plans, hands on testing/training to GIS. We look at wildlife response from deterrent (prevention) through to rehabilitation.

We have multiple levels of wildlife equipment strategically placed/stored along our assets that range from basic to advanced. There are basic kits located at each  of our district offices that can be quickly deployed to provide an initial level of deterrent to wildlife in the area. Larger trailers are stationed in strategic locations that carry an array of additional and specialized deterrents, traps and fencing to prevent wildlife from entering a release location. Specialized equipment within the trailers would be installed to meet site-specific conditions. Some equipment can be deployed immediately and other techniques take more time and incredible labour and effort. Therefore, equipment is deployed in a systematic manner to ensure the most effective and efficient deployment to successfully deter targeted species.

To quickly assess the site for potential wildlife conflicts that will inform our equipment deployment strategy, Inter Pipeline has a GIS system with multiple environmental layers providing wildlife, wetland, water, vegetation and other potential conflicts.We are also equipped with a Wildlife Emergency Response Plan and a program that works to continually expand on wildlife response capabilities.

Response Boats

Inter Pipeline owns and maintains a number of boats that range in size from 18’ to 24’. The boats are located in various operational areas to ensure response actions can be carried out in the areas where a spill could potentially impact water bodies.