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In the event of an incident we use the Incident Command System (ICS) to effectively manage our response. 

ICS is a standardized incident management system designed to enable effective, efficient incident management by integrating a combination of equipment, facilities, personnel, procedures and communications operating within a common organizational structure. This system allows for coordination between stakeholders. ICS also allows Inter Pipeline to effectively manage our emergency communication and ensure all affected stakeholders, including the public, are notified promptly during any emergency. If the public is potentially affected by an incident we will work with the local municipality to ensure appropriate emergency communications are delivered and the appropriate public protection measures are put in place.

Our Emergency Management department maintains a database of local contacts, and will contact affected communities in the event of an incident. Public notification during an emergency may occur through door to door visits, telephone, electronic notification, social media, broadcast media and community signage. Notification of Aboriginal communities will occur through Inter Pipeline’s Stakeholder Relations department as part of the ICS Liaison Officer responsibilities. The Stakeholder Relations department maintains a database of local Aboriginal community contacts and will contact affected communities as soon as possible.

Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) hosts a Digital Data System (DDS). This online reporting system is intended for use by regulated companies, such as Inter Pipeline, to provide notification to the AER of various events defined in regulations, including incidents, unauthorized activities and operations and maintenance activities. If a member of the public wishes to report an event they can contact the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) at 1-800-222-6514, or the Ministry of Economy in Saskatchewan at 1-844-764-3637.

We recognize that the local authorities and/or other potentially impacted provincial agencies and communities may wish to receive additional information. Therefore Inter Pipeline is committed to establishing solutions to ensure stakeholders are aware of the situation. The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan each have a single reporting number which is used to call-out additional resources if required. 

Incident Command System

ICS is used to establish near and long-term response operations ensuring all facets of an incident are managed. This command structure also enables the federal government, provincial government, local authorities and Inter Pipeline to work together towards mutually agreed upon goals, ultimately focused towards effective and efficient response. For large incidents, government agencies, such as the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), and provincial or municipal agencies will often share in the responsibility of command of the situation. 

During an emergency, having open and frequent communication between Inter Pipeline personnel, emergency responders and various government agencies is essential. The ICS outlines clear roles and responsibilities with respect to responding to and managing emergencies. The system brings together our functions with federal and provincial government and local authorities to achieve an effective and efficient response.