Emergency Response Plans Print Page

We are prepared to respond quickly with emergency response plans and trained professionals.

The most critical and responsible emergency preparedness strategy is to prevent an incident from occurring. We combine careful planning with regular training, equipment deployments and mock emergency exercises. Additionally, we complete annual reviews and updates to our Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and other program documents.

Inter Pipeline’s Emergency Management Program is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and processes designed to support our commitment to the safety and security of the public, workers, company property and the environment.

Our current Emergency Management Program includes Emergency Response Plans (ERP’s) that have been developed based on risk. These ERP’s are location specific and cover all current operations for Inter Pipeline's pipelines and facilities. The ERP’s also identify locations of emergency response materials and equipment, are regularly practiced through field deployment and are constantly being updated to keep them current.

We also provide resident information brochures to residents that live in the vicinity of our pipeline's and facilities. Please see below for brochures that have been published and distributed: