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Our emergency management program starts with risk mitigation.

Although Inter Pipeline’s goal is zero incidents, we invest heavily in training and preparedness in order to respond promptly, safely and efficiently in the unlikely event of an incident. Since 2014 Inter Pipeline has added around $3.5 million of emergency response equipment and we conduct upwards of 50 training exercises annually. We also operate state-of-the-art control centres and leak detection systems that provide real-time operations monitoring Click on the boxes below to learn more about these areas within our Emergency Management Program:

Inter Pipeline's Emergency Management program is an all-hazards program that includes mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  It is designed to provide a continuous cycle of improvement. 

Emergency contact

Although rare, pipeline releases require caution and immediate action; if you notice any of the following around an Inter Pipeline facility, right-of-way, or suspect a pipeline emergency, immediately call:

Inter Pipeline's 24hr Emergency Number : 1-800-727-7163

What to look for:


  • A  petroleum odour (similar to gasoline or diesel fuel)
  • Strong sulphur smell (like rotten eggs)


  • Dead or discoloured vegetation
  • Vapour or mist clouds
  • Pools of liquid when the rest of the area is dry
  • Petroleum sheen on water
  • Dense fog-like plumes or frost balls on the ground


  • Unusual hissing or roaring sound