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Supporting organizations with basic societal needs of food, shelter and wellness.

Inter Pipeline Cares is our banner fund where the majority of our community investment donations are directed. This fund aims to primarily target charitable organizations that support the basic societal needs of food, shelter and wellness for the vulnerable or under served in our Canadian operating areas.Through this program we also aim to cultivate a stronger connection between our company, our staff and our communities by participating in volunteer opportunities. The charities supported under this banner program, see us make significant multi-year commitments generally in the areas of community infrastructure enhancement. 

Our Community Investment Committee is comprised of employees and management representing a sampling of departments and offices from our Canadian operations. All Inter Pipeline field offices as well as the Calgary office operate a community investment committee. The committees evaluate and fund charitable organizations in our operating areas that support the objectives of Inter Pipeline Cares as described above. Donations at this level are generally smaller in amount and for shorter commitment periods than for our legacy charities. 

To support and build constructive, lasting relationships with our fellow community members, we encourage employees to volunteer for a charity that falls under our Inter Pipeline Cares and Community Outreach programs. For more details visit our employee volunteering page.

The ALEX Community Food Centre

Good food is just the beginning! The Alex Community Food Centre is a welcoming place for all Calgarians to build a foundation for whole health by growing, cooking and sharing healthy food. The Centre is a partnership with The Alex and Community Food Centres of Canada, and is Alberta’s first Community Food Centre.

Through the power of good food, the Alex Community Food Centre, effectively tackles issues of hunger, poor health and social isolation – issues that affect too many Calgarians. Impactful and multidimensional programs offered under one roof will support our community to learn healthy food skills, improve physical and mental health, and become more empowered and engaged citizens. Their aim is to change the way food programming in Calgary works; moving beyond emergency food provisioning to using the power of food to enrich health, hope, skills and connections in our city, leaving a lasting impact for generations to come.

We have committed to support the Alex Community Food Centre for the next couple of years by sponsoring the newly named Inter Pipeline Good Food Progam. The Good Food Program falls within the first pillar of the Community Food Centre model: Food Access. Many low-income Calgarians struggle to meet their basic needs and the Community Food Centre will provide a place where they can come for healthy meal in a communal setting, take home food from an affordable market or participate in a class such as the “make and take” meal program. Access to healthy food will support people experiencing food insecurity in our city.

RESOLVE Campaign

When all you can do all day is worry about where you will sleep that night, it is virtually impossible to find a job, make nutritious meals, visit the doctor or take other steps for bettering your life. It is an onerous situation to manage on its own, never mind while supporting a family, dealing with health challenges or other pressing needs. RESOLVE is built on the Housing First philosophy, where people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless are provided with permanent housing – first – before they begin to work on the issues that led them there.

Inter Pipeline has committed to directly impacting vulnerable individuals by providing them with the first step in building a healthy stable life – a home. Our investment in RESOLVE go to those in greatest need of affordable homes, they will be safe and receive the support they need to sustain their homes. They will have the opportunity to rejoin the community and better their lives.Our gift to RESOLVE reinforces our commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities through meeting their basic needs. We want to transform Calgary into a better home – not just for the ones that need a roof over their heads, but also for the community as a whole.

Inn from the Cold

Inn from the Cold is an organization borne from a concern for the significant number of families that face homelessness in Calgary. The Inn's mission is to provide emergency shelter, support, and programs to homeless children, their families and others in need, with the goal of building healthy, stable families and ending homelessness. The Inn operates year round and coordinates a large number of churches, synagogues, mosques and community associations that come together to provide temporary emergency shelter.

Inter Pipeline is a proud supporter of the Inn. Our employees volunteer regularly at the Inn, helping to serve evening meals. Corporately Inter Pipeline supports various initiatives at the Inn, most notably providing the funding to operate their kitchen facilities.


APPLE Schools 

 APPLE Schools is the Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating (APPLE). APPLE Schools is a foundation to find effective ways to create healthy school communities in Alberta. The program provides services for Northern and central Albertan communities, such as Stony Plain, Athabasca, Alexander First Nation, Glendon, Smith, Rochester, Wabasca, Fort McKay, Fort Chipewyan, Janvier,  Anzac, Caslo Metis Settlement and many more.

Making an impact to transform eating habits in schoools, communities and for families, is a long-term project - one that takes a solid commitment from donors to see this journey through. We have committed to a five year relationship to strengthen and improve the health and well-being of these northern school communities. We are proud to be a part of APPLE Schools. And we believe the support of this well-run, innovative program, aligns perfectly with our community engament program here at Inter Pipeline.

Women In Need Society (WINS)

Women In Need Society (WINS) is a local non-profit whose mission is to help women and their families to help themselves. Started 25 years ago, WINS helps women access basic needs such as clothing, furniture and household items at no charge. WINS runs six Family Resource Centres that provide a range of programs and services that help women and families move forward in their life. WINS’ four thrift stores generate revenue for the organization and for the essential programs and services access by women in our city.

Inter Pipeline is proud to partner with WINS as the sponsor of the School Backpack Program. The sponsorship involves purchasing 350 backpacks plus all the back to school supplies needed for children from kindergarten to grade 12. Inter Pipeline employees help stuff the backpacks each August so that kids can start the school year with all the right tools for a successful school year. This sponsorship takes a weight off the shoulders of parents who otherwise would not be able to afford to buy all the school necessities for their children.