Supplier/Contractor Information Print Page

Interested in being an Inter Pipeline supplier/contractor?

Inter Pipeline’s suppliers/ contractors are integral to our ongoing success. New suppliers/ contractors are required to register to provide goods or services to Inter Pipeline.

Receipt of a registration form does not imply any commitment to purchase goods and services from a supplier or contractor. Rather, it does mean that the supplier or contractor will be included on a list of suppliers/contractors that may be eligible to provide goods and services to Inter Pipeline.

Should Inter Pipeline identify a need for goods and/or services from a registered supplier or contractor, we will contact that supplier or contractor directly.

Corporate Policies for Suppliers/Contractors

Inter Pipeline has a number of established policies, including but not limited to the following, that are key to the relationships with its suppliers/ contractors. Review, acceptance and compliance with these policies will be required for a contractor/supplier to do any business with Inter Pipeline.

Inter Pipeline requires that its suppliers/contractors accept in writing Inter Pipeline terms and conditions applicable for the goods and/or services to be provided, which will also require compliance with the policies set out above and others that may be applicable based on the type of goods and/or services being provided. Where required, a valid certificate of insurance and a WCB letter of clearance will be requested.

Supplier/Contractor Registration Form

If you are interested in engaging in business with Inter Pipeline, please download and complete the following Inter Pipeline Supplier/Contractor Registration Information form and submit it via email to:

Notice of Assignment to SCM PO Vendors (Cochrane)

Supplier/Contractor Registration Form

Supplier Invoicing Instructions

Please download and review the following instructions prior to submitting any invoices to Inter Pipeline. Your compliance with these guidelines will allow for timely acceptance and payment of your approved invoices.

Supplier Invoicing Instructions 

If you have any questions with respect to registering as a potential supplier or contractor with Inter Pipeline, please contact Corporate Supply Chain Management at: