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The Oil Sands Transportation business transported roughly 1,216,700 b/d of bitumen blend and diluent in 2019. Consisting of the Cold Lake, Corridor and Polaris pipeline systems, this business segment has over 3,300 km of pipeline and 3.8 million barrels of storage.

The Cold Lake pipeline system is the largest transporter of Cold Lake area bitumen production. It provides pipeline transportation service for the founding shippers; FCCL Partnership, Canadian Natural Resources and Imperial Oil, and also provides product transportation service for OSUM and Cenovus Energy. The producers’ heavy bitumen is blended with diluent, which is transported by Inter Pipeline from the Strathcona region to the Cold Lake area. This blended product is then shipped by the Cold Lake pipeline system to major crude oil terminalling hubs in Edmonton and Hardisty, Alberta. In 2019, the Cold Lake pipeline system transported approximately 576,000 b/d.

The Corridor pipeline system provides bitumen transportation services for the Athabasca Oil Sands Project (AOSP) near Fort McMurray, Alberta. Owned by Canadian Natural Resources, Chevron Canada and Shell Canada Energy, AOSP is a major mining and bitumen upgrading project in the Alberta oil sands. The Corridor system links the AOSP production site and the oil processing and marketing hub near Edmonton, Alberta. In 2019, the Corridor system transported approximately 403,000 b/d.

The Polaris pipeline system is a diluent pipeline system that transports diluent from the Edmonton area to the Athabasca and Cold Lake areas of Alberta. The pipeline began operating as a stand-alone diluent transportation system serving the Athabasca oil sands region in 2012 and is one of the a major diluent transportation systems in Alberta. In 2019, the Polaris pipeline system transported approximately 238,000 b/d of diluent.

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System Product Storage Capacity (bbls) 2019 Throughput (b/d)
Cold Lake Bitumen blend and diluent 376,000 576,000
Corridor Bitumen blend, diluent and products 3,450,000 403,000
Polaris Diluent - 238,000