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Inter Pipeline is an integrated energy infrastructure company that owns and operates four business segments. Inter Pipeline is dedicated to growing each business segment by optimizing our asset base through efficiency improvements and the addition of new value-added services.


Oil Sands Transportation

Comprised of the Cold Lake, Corridor and Polaris Pipeline systems, this business segment has over 3,300 km of operating pipeline and 3.8 million barrels of storage. The Oil Sands Transportation business transported roughly 1,216,700 b/d of bitumen blend and diluent in 2019.
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NGL Processing

This business segment consists of large-scale NGL infrastructure that includes three straddle plants strategically located on the NGTL system at the Western and Eastern Alberta export points, as well as offgas processing facilities located in Northern Alberta. This business combined has the capacity to produce over 240,000 b/d of NGL. 
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Conventional Oil Pipelines

Comprised of the Bow River, Central Alberta and Mid-Saskatchewan pipeline systems, this business segment has 3,900 km of pipeline. In 2019 these systems transported approximately 186,300 b/d of crude oil in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
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Bulk Liquid Storage

This business segment consists of 23 bulk liquid storage terminals located at terminals across the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, and Sweden. Together, these terminals have a combined liquid storage capacity of approximately 37 million barrels.
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In addition, Inter Pipeline develops its asset base through organic growth projects. For further details, please see the Construction Projects page.