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Inspiring an engaged, productive and healthy workforce 

At Inter Pipeline, we view our employees in a holistic manner. The whole employee comes to work each day and we are committed to ensuring that they are supported in all life aspects to inspire an engaged, productive and healthy workforce.To promote and support a healthy workforce, Inter Pipeline has implemented a number of initiatives further detailed below.

Mental Heath Training

The Working Mind (TWM) is a mental health training initiative offered by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. TWM is designed to promote mental health and reduce stigma and discrimination regarding mental health in the work place.

The objectives of TWM training are to give managers the practical knowledge to:

  • Support mental health and wellbeing of their employee
  • Enable full productivity in all their employees
  • Ensure the workplace is respectful and inclusive of all employees, including those with mental health challenges
  • Reduce the stigma and discrimination around mental health

The objectives of TWM are to give employees:

  • A more supportive environment
  • Help to identify poor mental health in themselves and others
  • Coping skills to manage stress and poor mental health, and increase resiliency

Inter Pipeline is committed to breaking down those barriers in the workplace by bringing TWM in-house, and providing it to all managers, and employees.

Physical Health & Wellness

  • Wellness/Fitness Centre – open 24/7 to encourage employees to stay active 
  • Regularly scheduled lunch hour classes such as Barre, Pilates or Bootcamp
  • Yoga & meditation classes – to reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Fresh fruit – delivered twice a week, to promote healthy snacking
  • Onsite flu clinics – easy access for employees to arm themselves against influenza

Wellness Benefits

  • A psychological benefit of up to $10,000 annually to use towards psychological counselling services for employees and their eligible dependents.
  • A culture that encourages work life balance, through flex days or compressed work weeks (depending on work location and role)
  • Pharmacogenetics - a ground-breaking benefit which, through a very quick genetic test, helps employees understand how their bodies metabolize various medicines. This ensures that employees and their doctor have the necessary information to prescribe the right drug, at the right dose. This benefit is available for permanent employees and their dependents