Emergency Management Print Page

Our emergency management plan starts with risk mitigation.

We invest heavily in training and preparedness with the goal of zero incidents. We have a detailed response plan that we utilize in the unlikely event of an incident. The plan details what equipment, people and actions are needed to respond quickly and effectively to an incident. In 2014 we added more than $2 million in emergency response equipment to our program and conducted upwards of 50 training exercises.

In the event of an emergency, early detection and response is vital in limiting potential impacts. That is why we operate a state-of-the-art control centre and leak detection systems that allow us to monitor operations for anomalies and address any issues the moment they occur.

Emergency response equipment and resource sharing.

Inter Pipeline is proud to abide by the Mutual Emergency Assistance Agreement as a member of the Canadian Energy Pipelines Association (CEPA). This agreement enhances emergency response effectiveness by assisting other members in the event of a significant emergency. If requested, Inter Pipeline will respond to an incident of any other member with what it deems could provide appropriate assistance. Assistance may be in the form of personnel, equipment, tools or specialized response advice, depending on the situation as needed.

Inter Pipeline's 24hr Emergency Number : 1-800-727-7163