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Contact / TitleOffice PhoneFaxCell
Lis Carney
Manager, Logistics and Reporting
403-290-6057 403-290-6096 403-813-6651

Kristen Bergsma                          

Supervisor, Volumetric Accounting                                                              
403-218-9528 403-290-6096 403-771-8901
Alex Dmitrenko
Senior Pipeline Scheduler
403-717-5772 403-290-6096 403-826-6757

Lisa Yaunish

Senior Pipeline Scheduler

403-290-6059 403-290-6096 403-370-6431
Wendell Johnson
Pipeline Scheduler
403-218-9539 403-290-6096  587-284-5976
Brennan Lowe
Pipeline Scheduler
403-717-5748 403-290-6096  403-993-4234
Kirstyn Miller
Pipeline Scheduler 
403-717-5778 403-290-6096  587-227-9338

Katie Sparling

Pipeline Scheduler

 403-218-9510 403-290-6092 587-227-3762  

Tyler Bichel

Volumetric Analyst

403-717-5756 403-290-6096 n/a

Rebecca Lacosse

Volumetric Analyst

587-475-1139 403-290-6096 n/a
Ashlynn Krochmal
Volumetric Analyst
403-218-9542 403-290-6096 n/a
Pipeline SystemContact
Cold Lake Blend  Brennan Lowe
Cold Lake Diluent Wendell Johnson
Bow River Pipeline Streams (includes diluent streams) Alex Dmitrenko
Hamilton Lake Pipeline Stream Kirstyn Miller
Central Alberta Pipeline Kirstyn Miller
Mid-Saskatchewan Pipeline (Heavy) Lisa Yaunish
Mid-Saskatchewan Pipeline (Light) Kirstyn Miller
Corridor Pipeline Katie Sparling
Polaris Pipeline Wendell Johnson
Account Administration
Bow River Pipeline Streams (includes diluent streams) Rebecca Lacosse
Hamilton Lake Pipeline Stream Rebecca Lacosse
Central Alberta Stream Ashlynn Krochmal 
Mid-Sask Heavy Stream Tyler Bichel
Mid-Sask Light Stream Tyler Bichel
Cold Lake Pipeline Stream Rebecca Lacosse
Corridor Pipeline Tyler Bichel
Polaris Pipeline Ashlynn Krochmal