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Media Statement COVID 19 – March 17, 2020


Inter Pipeline would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on our corporate preparedness activities to ensure ongoing continuity of service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, Inter Pipeline has not experienced any business disruptions or service issues owing to the current situation with COVID-19. As a responsible operator, Inter Pipeline has robust business continuity plans in place, designed to manage our operations in pandemic situations. Continuing to safely operate our facilities and pipeline infrastructure is a top priority for Inter Pipeline. 

Initial steps have been implemented to ensure the ongoing health of our workforce across the company, including enacting work-at-home plans across the organization, limited business travel and large group meetings, providing on-going employee support and providing additional measures to critical business processes to ensure business continuity. The initiatives we are taking are aligned with recommendations from our Government Agencies and public health authorities.

At this time, we continue to closely monitor the situation and will enact further steps should they become necessary.

Recognizing this is an extraordinary time and a dynamic situation, we will work through this challenge prioritizing the protection and health of our workforce, operating safely and positioning ourselves for a swift return to normal operations as soon as conditions allow.

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