Honesty & Integrity
We expect all of Inter Pipeline's employees to promote the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
We recognize that our goals can only be achieved through the collaborative efforts of our employees.
Pursuit of Excellence
We want all of our employees to have pride in their work and perform to the best of their abilities.
Personal Accountability
We expect all of our employees to accept responsibility for their actions and the quality of their work.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
It is important that we maintain an entrepreneurial culture, encourage decision making, move quickly and minimize bureaucracy.

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We are a major energy infrastructure business that has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. This growth has provided our employees with positive challenges, new career paths and opportunities to work in a dynamic team environment. Your role at Inter Pipeline may lie within one of our energy infrastructure businesses, an internal service group or a project team. In all instances, you will be encouraged to contribute, innovate and bring new ideas to the table.

At a growing company like Inter Pipeline, we offer employees the chance to establish and advance their careers in a way that is not often found at larger companies. The growth and development of our employees is key to our success.

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Delivering Attractive Employee Benefits

At Inter Pipeline we recognize the importance of properly rewarding our employees. In addition to competitive salaries, we offer a generous compensation package, including an annual bonus program and a long-term incentive plan under which each and every employee is granted a stake in the business. Additional benefits include an industry leading employee savings plan, where Inter Pipeline doubles the value of your personal contribution, and an attractive flex day program. Of course we also offer a market-based suite of other medical, dental and wellness benefits.

Lastly, we offer the intangible benefit of an energizing and positive corporate culture. Inter Pipeline recognizes that each employee approaches work responsibilities in a different manner and that corporate bureaucracy can prevent people from getting things done. Accordingly, we promote flexibility and streamlined decision-making across the organization.


Delivering a Great Work Environment

Despite Inter Pipeline's significant growth, we have maintained our small-company values that respect employees and their families. We continuously monitor workloads to strive to find the right balance of challenging work without overloading employees. Our flex day program assists employees in balancing their work and family responsibilities.

We also understand that high growth organizations encounter stress along the way. To manage this issue we have implemented a company Wellness Program that gives employees proactive strategies for managing their day-to-day stressors. Through initiatives such as weekly in-house yoga, fresh fruit, and other wellness programs, we strive to create an energized and balanced work environment.

Our corporate office is well located in downtown Calgary, close to both the business core and the natural attractions of Prince's Island Park and the Bow River Pathway system. Inter Pipeline's corporate head office is in the Calgary City Centre building, where we are the anchor tenant. 


Delivering Stability

Within the investment community, Inter Pipeline has successfully defined itself as a strong, well-managed and growing business that provides stable returns to our investors. We own and operate world-scale energy infrastructure assets and our performance is not directly tied to commodity prices. In other words, we are an inherently stable business.

While the oil and gas industry is very cyclical in nature, Inter Pipeline is able to withstand the ebbs and flows within commodity markets and the broader economy. We are proud to have never announced layoffs due to poor business performance or factors that were not in our control.  We are a strong, stable business with a long-term investment horizon. Those attributes make Inter Pipeline a solid, long-term career choice.

We’d be pleased to accept your resume for any of our posted opportunities. Please note, we thank all applicants for submitting their resume, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. If we do not contact you, we will still retain your resume for a year following your submission and may contact you at a later date if another job posting suits your qualifications. If you wish to have your resume removed from our database prior to the expiry of one year, please contact us at HRDeleteResume@interpipeline.com.


Opportunities in Europe

Employees in our European subsidiaries are offered compensation packages that meet or exceed local employment conditions. For further details, please contact our European operations through their website at www.interterminals.com.

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